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Title: Stars in the Sky
Rating: PG
Author: SoLeo
Word Count: 100
Challenge: snarry100 #371 Atmosphere
Warnings: none
Disclaimer: You know I don't own them.
Summary: Harry converts Severus' ideas of romance.

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Title: Headmaster Interrupted
Rating: G
Author: SoLeo
Word Count: 100 x2
Challenge: snarry100 #372 turning point.
Warnings: none
Disclaimer: You know I don't own them. 
Summary: Lucius and Harry have important business with Severus.

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Title: Embarrassing Moments
Rating: T
Author: SoLeo
Word Count: 100
Challenge: snarry100 #373: If Only
Warnings: um... chan
Disclaimer: You know I don't own them.
Summary: Daydreaming in class can be dangerous.

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Title: The Colonies Part 10: The Next Level
Rating : M
Author: sheankelor
Word Count: 100 x 13
Challenge: snarry 100 challenge 372: Turning Point

AN: Not betaed. This is a series of drabbles in the Seaside House Universe. (Infinity bond).

My thanks goes out to Raven’s Dusk and Schattengestalt for the German that the Lindenmuths used.

Meine liebste – My dear (feminine)

Ja, schatz. - yes, treasure/precious

Summary: The Infinity Bond links then through all time. They shall forever know the other. So, shall we look at another version of Harry and Severus? One that lives during the American Revolution?

So, names have been changed... Sebastien Sallowe is Severus and Harold Ward is Harry.

Disclaimer:None of the characters nor the universe are mine. They are JK Rowlings instead. I found a LEGO Harry and LEGO Snape and started playing.

Part 1: Making Things Complicated ; Part 2: A New Home ; Part 3: Settled in ; Part 4:A Decision Required ; Part 5: The Arrival ; Part 6: The Town of Applegate ; Part 7: Getting on One Page ; Part 8: Making it Through ; Part 9: A Late Night Visit

Part 10: The Next Level
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Title: Breathe to Learn
Rating :NC-17
Author: [personal profile] lilyseyes
Word Count: 100x8
Challenge: [community profile] snape100 Challenge #484: Snape's Dreams / [community profile] snarry100 Challenge #372: Turning Point
Warnings: * Implied Mpreg*
Disclaimer: JKR owns the Potterverse – I just play in it. No money is made from these amateur works.
Summary: Glimpses life with the Potter-Snape family. Another in the Breathe Series
Happy Birthday Jacien and Ash!

Read Breathe to Learn at IJ or at DW.

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Title: Turning Point
Author: [personal profile] alisanne
Pairing: Severus Snape/Harry Potter, OC.
Word Count: 100 x 2
Rating: PG
Challenge: Written for [community profile] snarry100's prompt #372: Turning Point.
Warning(s): None.
A/N: This is part eighteen of my Snarry Making a Home Series. The other parts are: Beginning Anew, Irresistible, What If?, Respect, Confession Time, No Regrets, Months in the Planning, Confidence, Winning Play, Country Life, Luncheon Liberties, Pursuing Happiness, Life's Complications, Modern Love, An Open and Shut Case,
Open to Possibilities, and A Proper Atmosphere.
Beta: [personal profile] sevfan
Disclaimer: The characters contained herein are not mine. No money is being made from this fiction, which is presented for entertainment purposes only.

Read Turning Point on LJ/IJ/DW.
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Happy Snarry Thursday, everyone! Time for our new prompt. :)
This week's new challenge is:

Challenge 372: Turning Point

As always, we encourage cross-posting across all our journals, DW, IJ and LJ.


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